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Prepare your children for their brightest future.  Dr. Beverly S. Mathis Elementary is pioneering the field of education through our dedication and commitment to our students' needs.  We offer a unique educational experience, designed to enhance intellectual growth and promote participatory engagement.  We welcome all prospective students for a visit anytime.

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A message from Mrs. Ferguson:

Please welcome our facility dog, Cyrus. 

Cyrus will be available to visit classes and meet with groups and individuals to enhance the social and emotional well-being of our students and staff. 

Please click here to the linked google form if you do not want your student to interact with Cyrus. 

Cyrus will be based in Mrs. DeCaires' counseling office.

A message from Cyrus himself:

Hi! My name is Cyrus. I am 2 years old and live with Mrs. DeCaires, her family, and 2 cats. I have been in training all summer to be a School Facility Dog. I am still in training, so if you see me around school and would like to pet me, please stop and ask for permission first. Mrs. DeCaires will let you know when it's okay to give me pets. Some of my favorite things are bacon, swimming, playing fetch, and belly rubs.  I am super excited to meet all the Mathis Mustangs this school year!

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Parents of Kindergarten and Pre-K students should park in the front lot and walk their students onto campus. Only Parents of Kindergarten and Pre-K will be permitted on the playground to drop students off with their teachers. Older siblings of Kindergarten students can access their classroom line up through the Kindergarten / intermediate playground gate.

First grade through fifth grade students will be dropped off at designated gates around the ring road. Siblings can enter at the youngest sibling’s grade level gate. Gates will open and teachers will be present to receive students at 8:45. School begins at 9:00 am.

Students who walk to school can enter campus through the gate by the bike rack at the front of the school.

Student safety is our number one priority. Please exercise patience and follow traffic guidelines to ensure the safety of our children.

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